Sunny Grove Case Summary

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Problem Statement As the new police chief of Sunny Grove, I have been assigned to solve the vast operational problems in the department. Analysis and Evaluation Under the direction of the previous police chief, the Sunny Grove police department has had many internal problems. A couple of officers have resigned, without conviction, because of their accusable involvement in a string of thefts from local businesses. Additionally, the traffic court clerk was convicted of stealing from the money collected for traffic fines. Moreover, the department’s record keeping system is severely deficient, according to the state general’s office audit. Furthermore, the Sunny Grove Department percentage of crimes solves is the lowest compared to other…show more content…
567). This controls empowers employees to do the right thing because, it is the best thing to do for the organization. This control allows employees to be trusted to carry on with their duties while keeping the interests of the organization in the forefront. This is done by creating a culture of integrity and high morals in regards to their work behavior. Market control involves the use of economic forces and the pricing mechanisms that accompany them to regulate performances (Brasfield, 2015, p. 590). This could be used on the Managerial level to establish values for internal transactions among the various units within the department. This would allow regulation in the performance area. The output from the department has value to the state general’s office, so a price can be negotiated for its exchange. In order to implement the principles of control in this situation the first step that should be followed is setting adequate performance standards that cannot be manipulated. This is what the actual performance will be measured against. The textbook states that this should be expressed in quantitative terms so that they become objective rather than subjective

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