Pestle Analysis Of The Beef Industry

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Below its discussion extracted from ISBN 978-1-62620-998-5 This process of PESTLE Analysis must involve various aspects of a certain organization and at the end create a center of interest as a reflection of these external factors. PESTLE analysis helps us to get the picture and assist us to research / asses the external factors through questioning and elaborating impacts of the involved factors. The political, economic, social, technogical, legal and environmental factors together with external minor –environmental factors and internal drivers are therefore grouped as the threats and opportunities in the SWOT analysis. Through Political analysis in PESTLE analysis the following key points are as follows,…show more content…
The technological point of view the information and technological usages to communication and marketing of the organization, the modern machines used to extract the beef products in the company and the research skills and marketing to the international and local market. Legally the organization involves the following of country rules, laws and policies in concern to run and reflect to all bodies in the company for example labor issues, movement of cattle’s in animal control and respect and abiding to international laws and policies.Enviromental aspects are all the things surrounding the organizations like building, number of people working and visiting there, how our cattle is living and its numbers and the setup of the services and premises. This PESTLE analysis is very useful to market and investigate to make decisions for the…show more content…
The European commission has set target for Botswana beef control to promote long term sustainability for the supply of beef and its products. This commission gives advises to Botswana meat industry of the country. BMC at national level is at risk as the ruling party for the nation is in power for shoot fixed term as they follow their planned agenda and this can come up negative in the future of BMC as it comes internally from the party interest rather than other parties interest towards the country’s budget. As according to Botswana Meat Commission Act 74:04 the minister from a ruling party has the powers to BMC as he/she may after consulting with the BMC give directions of a general character as to practice and performance of its functions in association with the matters coming through him/her that concern public interests and commission then give effects to any such routes in simpler terms they have the power to give directions and make approvals. At the end of the financial year the minister reviews and presents the BMC reports to the other members of the parliament and therefore they plan a new budget for the

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