Hipsters: The Dead End Of Western Civilization

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Hipsters Hipsters have become more and more popular over the past few years. They’re a “melting pot of styles, tastes, and behaviors” (Haddow, Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization). They’re linked to indie and alternative music, and a thrifty-vintage fashion style. Most people known as hipsters these days are just “overly trendy”. Hipsters don’t stand out from the crowd like some other subcultures do. They are a subculture of “men and women typically in tight-fitting jeans, old-school sneakers, and sometimes thick rimmed glasses” as Urban Dictionary puts it. Some say the typical “hipster glasses” is because they wanted to challenge the importance of beauty in society, and “give the geeks a chance” (Li-Or, What is a hipster?). They’re also stereotyped as being vegans and eating all…show more content…
They drink a lot of coffee, and post pictures of all of their meals on instagram. They shop at thrift stores, and love hand-me-downs. But aside from their fashion, and trends, they’re basically just like the rest of society. They speak the same language as us and use the same slang. However, hipsters tend to also use retro words from years ago, like “groovy”, because that is the time period they are associated with. They value fashion, trends, music, and organic foods. Symbols of their subculture are often the related to is their clothing. Like hipster glasses, and oversized sweaters for example. In general, hipsters just have the same taste in clothing and music as other hipsters (Marisela M, Popular Culture: Hipster), therefore their social norms are similar to ours. Their beliefs on the other hand, are slightly different. Waylon Lewis, in his

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