The Pros And Cons Of Sex Education

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Should Sex Education be Mandatory in Schools? Sex Education has been debated about for who knows how long. Even though most state legislatures have already found a solution, it’s still a big issue in not just America. The entire world is facing the same issue with sex education. Most people think it shouldn’t be mandatory. The rest think for the bettering of America and the world. That high school students should be given Sex Education before they graduate in order to be more aware of sexually transmitted diseases and how to say no in uncomfortable situations. Seeing as most high school students go uneducated in sex, most don’t understand the dangers that come with it. First up is unplanned pregnancy, which occurs more often than you think.…show more content…
I’ve learned that sexual education plays an important role in peoples’ lives. I think that the pro sex education side makes the more convincing argument because it states more persuading facts and information. The anti-sex education side deals mostly with the fact that the content is the issue, not the actual education itself. So considering the argument is something completely different from the question, it should be seen as a whole different issue. For making sex education mandatory, however, I think that making it mandatory would be the best idea seeing as it could help solve future problems. Those problems being unplanned pregnancy, std’s, and just common knowledge of how to be safe and smart during sex. That is why I think making it mandatory would be the better, and smarter, solution to this debate. Works Cited Debate. "Should Sex Education be Mandatory in Schools?." n.p., 2018. Web. January 9 2018. Feray. "State Policies on Sex Education." n.p., 2018. information. January 9 2018. (-- removed HTML --) . Kaiser Family Foundation. "Sex Education in America." n.p., 2004. information. January 9 2018. (-- removed HTML --)
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