Pros And Cons Of Birth Control

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The topic I chose to research is birth control. The reason why I chose this topic is because almost every teenage girls has to make the decision to use birth control. Also I wanted to learn more about birth control such as, how effective are birth control options? How many teenagers are on birth control? Before I could started my research I already knew that there were different kinds of birth control and each birth control has a different effects on people. Also I wanted to know about the process of receiving birth control. It is important for high school female students to know that there are other ways for them to be protected. For example, the topic of birth control is a very debatable subject. Furthermore, many young girls in high school…show more content…
For example, in the article “Pros and Cons of Birth Control in Schools,” the author argues that teens will still go out and try new things even if you try to stop them they’ll either go behind your back or go to someone who will actually give them answers. “Role in Teen’s Transition to Sexual Maturity.-Teens’ transition to sexual maturity is inevitable, so no matter what type of tactic you apply, it just can’t work on them. One effective way of taking part of this transition is to teach them the importance of protecting themselves from being pregnant.” (Crystal Lombardo). This means, if you try to stop teens from having sex by scaring them it won't work, teens are smarter than you think are they know. This is important because teens know that if you don't help them they can go to their friends who will help them find the answers they need. And this is why some teens get pregnant because the information they get from their friends can misguide them and they'll end up wanting to try what some of their friends are telling them or at least more

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