Pros And Cons Of Single Sex Schools

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According to an article, single sex schools graduates have higher self confidence going into the real world compared to students of a coed school. In schools across the country, administration are worried about the cloths girls where or other things that may be distracting to the opposite sex. They are also worrying and focusing to the stereotypes of what men and women are supposed to do. Instead of focusing on education teachers and staff are worried about these problems that come along with being in a coed school. Although some may think that single sex schools are not beneficial, it allows students to challenge stereotypes, smaller classes, and specialized education for each gender. Though some will argue that bigger class sizes are better,…show more content…
Single-sex schools offer girls a way to challenge stereotype and create a pathway for girls to go into the STEM job field. For example, three times the amount of girls from all girl schools go into the engineering field (The Advantages of Single-Sex Schools). This shows that women are more likely to be encouraged to go into male dominated field of work. It also shows that they are more likely to be prepared to go into more complex jobs. This is important because it gives other young women the confidence to also go into these fields and follow their role models. In addition, it gives males the opportunity to discover more activities that are commonly viewed as too “feminine” for males (Single-sex education: Pros and Cons). One can see from this that it it is not just females who benefit from this but males too. All male clubs that often is females won’t cause the embarrassment that it would for being the only male in the club. In addition, more people will join because the fear they will be alone is almost to completely eliminated. The future of a student is often unknown but single gender schools prepare them to face the world by giving them the confidence they…show more content…
The National Institute of Mental Health conducted a study and it sowed that girls brains develop rapidly at ages 6-10 years old while boys are after 14 years old (Novotney). If girls brains are maturing quicker yeast are in the same class as boy they aren't getting the level of education their brain craves. Instead of feeding their brain to have more growth they are staying in the same place not learning. Then if they teach a more complex version then the boys are struggling in whatever subject they are learning. This is important because if you do one way neither one of them is growing or understanding what they are learning. In addition a study by the same group showed that a boys brain at 5 years old is equal to a girls at 3 years old (Novotney). This shows that it isn't just in teen years but in the years where their brains are developing the most. While the girl is learning how to read in preschool, the boy is buzzing around playing with toys. This is important because kids develop the most between the ages 2 and 5. Having classes catered to each gender is important for learning and developing properly. Although coed schools can be beneficial, Single gender schools can greatly outweigh coed school in a number of benefits. Single sex school the only way to go if you want the confidence and preparedness that is crucial for you in the real world. By being in this not only are you more

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