Importance Of Psychological Assessment

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. Assessment psychology This vastly researched and thriving subfield of psychology is concerned with basic methods used to identify similarities and differences among individual’s personal characteristics and capacities. Assessment involves more than mere administration of tests i.e.: collection and integration of information attained from various sources like interviews, behavioural observations, reports, psychological tests and historical documents in order to attain a complete picture of a person’s state. Brief history • This method can be dated as far back as 2200 BC when the Chinese emperor used it to determine an individual’s fitness for public office. • In the late 18th and 19th century, civil service tests were introduced in Europe.…show more content…
The PWAG closely studied managed care programs and negated their ideology that less costly interviews are sufficient as a replacement of psychological assessment for treatment purposes with evidence based support from research literature. They emphasised that formal psychological assessment both on medical and psychological level is necessary for devising an effective treatment plan/intervention and is thus the responsibility of the assessment psychologist to efficiently collect as well as to generate evidence for the validity and effectiveness of psychological assessment procedure in health care and other…show more content…
Assessment is not only helpful in treatment planning and intervention but also acts as a guide in discharge process or planning follow ups and therefore needs to follow a comprehensive pattern instead of abbreviated procedures which may pose adverse consequences. Assessment in adult mental health settings needs to be evidence based and multimodal. Psychologist should be careful while choosing their tools and to base their interpretations and judgements on empirical based evidence rather than clinical experience and impressions. It is also believed that multiple data sources are essential for reliable and valid inferences to be drawn regarding the client/patients. Structured interviews and objective instruments are mostly used as they are based on empirical based evidence. Geriatric Research data suggests that 80% of older adults suffer from chronic health issues and about one fourth meet criteria of a diagnosable mental disorder thus assessment of older adults is essential. Most of the assessment procedures are the same as younger clients/patients but unique considerations also need to be deemed over when tackling older

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