Discuss The Pros And Cons Of Abstinence-Only Education

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Discuss the pros and cons of an abstinence-only education. Is it possible to give people too much information? Discuss what is more dangerous and why - too little information or too much information? In the contemporary world, we are often warned about the dangers of sex. In health class we learned about abstinence and its effectiveness in preventing the spread STDs or STIs. There are many pros of abstinence-only education. Abstinence is the only 100% effective way in avoiding STDs and getting pregnant. Those couples in relationships can utilize abstinence while still loving and caring for each other. Abstinence only-education allows teenagers to abstain from having sex until they have met the right person to marry. In addition, abstinence is free and available and teenagers can start abstinence anytime in their lifetime.…show more content…
Experts believe that the recent decline in teenage pregnancy rates can be attributed to the abstinence-only education. On the contrary, abstinence-only education may also be ineffective or even counterproductive concerning informing teenagers about sex. There are individuals that find not having sexual intercourse frustrating. This could lead to that the partner may leave the relationship. Recent studies have shown that “taking a pledge” to abstinence is not very realistic. In the US, experts believe that the decline in pregnancy rates is due to the increase use of contraceptives rather than abstinence-only education. Furthermore, critics feel that the abstinence-only program is not very comprehensive and thus fails to provide enough facts and solutions for teenagers “about losing their virginity”. Abstinence is an key component of abstinence and has been firmly ingrained in those individuals that support abstinence. Some individuals believe that some religious educators may not teach students about certain topics deviates from their beliefs. According to the

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