Personal Narrative Essay: My Love During Pregnancy

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During pregnancies, these are the things that I loved the most Being pregnant is a great honor, a wonderful journey, and a very special time in a women life. It’s fun to be able to pamper yourself a little bit and take care of your needs during this special time as you take on the wonderful honor of growing a tiny human. Maternity Pants – I usually just go to the thrift store and see what they have in their maternity section, but basically, I just want something that feels comfortable. I like these pants because they can go over my belly (which is nice when I’m further along) or I can fold them down (for when my belly is smaller). Body Pillow – I usually just prop up about a thousand pillows all around my body, but I would LOVE to have something like this to snuggle up with. Maternity Support Belt – Sometimes carrying around that extra weight can get a bit…show more content…
I love using it to make my kombucha tea. Trace Minerals – I like adding this to my daily water. Massaging Foot Spa – I never got one of these, but I sure would have loved one! Oh Baby the Places You’ll Go! – I loved reading this to Ruby when she was in my belly baby in utero. I believe this helped her to love books from the very start. (Warning: It will probably make you cry.) The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care – The original Nourishing Traditions book is my food Bible, and this baby and child care book is an excellent source of information as well. Journal – I just wrote down my thoughts and ideas in a composition book (in addition to adding pictures and artifacts), but I think it’s so important to document this special time. You and your child will enjoy reflecting on it in the years to come. In Conclusion When you’re pregnant for your first child, everything is new and kind of scary, and for you new moms, or for you veteran moms who still like to look at lists, I hope this has been

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