Pros And Cons Of Prostitution In China

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Essay 3—Research Paper Should prostitution be legalized in China? Karen, WEI MING 2016314060703 As one of the oldest industries in the world, prostitution used to be legal in China (Jin, 2005). After China was liberated, the government strictly banned prostitution yet it is still rampant nowadays. Scholars consider it as a city disease. The city needs large sum of migrant workers to develop, however, they don’t have sufficient economic ability to bring their families to cities and satisfy their sexual demand. Therefore, they became the major customers of this industry (Liang, 2012). This problem has always been drawing public’s attention. In this essay, the pros and cons of legalizing prostitution will be listed, namely, making the industry easier to be supervised, protecting the rights and interests of sex workers as well as lead to…show more content…
Now, let’s go to my first main points. Primarily, the legalization of prostitution might make the industry easier to be supervised. China strictly forbids prostitution as it may lead to the propagation of AIDS. According to the data from the Ministry of Health, sexual transmission has already become the major cause of sex workers getting AIDS. (Ministry of health, 2007). Even though huge effort have been took by hospitals and social organizations to work on the safety education for prostitutes, it failed to reduce those numbers. Scholars believe that this mainly due to the government’s restriction. The prohibition prevent sex workers from undergoing a medical inspection and reaching for help. As illegal workers in China, no yearly medical inspection is promised. More importantly, the prohibition by government instills the concept of it is shameful to be a sex worker to the society. Since AIDS is usually related to an indecent sexual life in China, sex workers usually refused to accept medical treatment

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