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I find it impossible for one to truly have an idea of who I am without knowing the influence which was my grandmother. Due to its proximity to the border, the city in which I grew up suffered from an influx of illegal immigrants who had been deported from the United States. Having no form of contact with their relatives and no financial support, these individuals often ended up roaming the city’s parks as beggars. Determined to change the community, my grandmother set forth to create a home for the vagabonds- a beacon of hope in a tunnel of darkness. In 1990, la Casa Del Migrante La Divina Providencia was founded to provide food and shelter for deported immigrants and connect them to their families. For 21 years, my grandmother worked tirelessly…show more content…
Ever since I could remember, I strived to make her proud- running through her door to share the news of my recent Math test or to tell her about the latest concept I learned in school. Her influence surpassed the classroom. I recall collecting spare change my parents would leave around the house and slipping it in the donation box at Church as my way of following my grandmother’s example. The simple thought of my grandmother gave me the courage to surpass any challenge. Although she never asked for anything in return, I had grown up under the impression that God would undoubtedly repay my grandmother for her generosity and dedication. In time, however, I came to realize this would not be the…show more content…
Objects in the room were merely shadows to the eye, my grandmother camouflaged among the bedsheets. My father reached for the lamp, and reality struck when my grandmother finally became visible. Her body was reduced to skin and bone. Her eyes lost in nothingness, the gaze tearing straight through my soul. Her face pale, as though life itself had been drained from the body. My father gently removed the blankets and helped her sit at the side of her bed. Thinking she would not remember my name, I simply held her hand and smiled, struggling to avoid

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