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When someone hears the word Islamic art, the first thing that comes to mind is that it serves Islam teachings or discusses the religion itself like the Christian art, Jewish art, and Buddhist art which sole purpose is to refer to the religion and faith. However, the term Islamic art is not used merely to describe religious art or architecture but applies to all art forms produced in the Islamic world. Thus, the term Islamic art refers not only to works created by Muslim artists and architects, it includes works created by artists and architects of any faith living in Islamic lands, including—Christians, Jews, or Hindus. History Islamic art is not just a huge style or movement; it spans 1,300 years of history and has incredible geographic diversity—Islamic…show more content…
Geometric and vegetative motifs are very popular throughout the lands where Islam was once or still is a major religion and cultural force, appearing in the private palaces of buildings such as the Alhambra, in Spain, the detailed metal work of Safavid Iran, mosques with their minarets, mausolea, gardens, and madrasas—religious schools— are all common. However, their forms vary greatly. floral and geometric patterns Calligraphy One of the most common misconceptions about the art of the Islamic world is that it is aniconic; that is, it is a type of art that does not contain representations of humans or animals. Early examples of religious art and architecture, such as the Dome of the Rock and the Aqsa Mosque—both in Jerusalem)—and the Great Mosque of Damascus—built under the Umayyad rulers— did not include human figures and animals. However, the private residences of sovereigns, such as Qasr ‘Amra and Khirbat Mafjar, were filled with vast figurative paintings, mosaics, and sculpture. Ottoman Empire (1326-1924) by the end of the 12th century the Islamic world had lost most of its power, prestige, and prosperity through internal fightings and had fragmented into small states. these

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