Pros And Cons Of China's One Child Policy

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Amritpal Singh Lewis Cheng Asia 100 A March 13, 2018 China Population Management and The One Child Policy China is considered as the largest populated country in the world. According to the last survey conducted by the Government of China in January 2013, its population was nearly more than 1.35 Billion making it the number one ranked populated country of the world (“China Population”). China is holding its One Child policy for more than 35 years which means that each couple should have only one child at most to reduce its population growth and there are mixed-up consequences (pros and cons) of this policy or restriction. The One Child policy has come to effect since 1979 by the then government of China. Obviously, it was a very shocking news…show more content…
Now you will be wondering by having question like who were they? The single line answer to this question is that only Han Chinese people were having to be followed the policy. Other people, who did belong to ethnic groups or minorities were exempts from this policy. According to Jeffrey Hays, “Only 35% of Chinese are subject to the one-child policy due to the numerous exceptions to law. The Chinese government allows rural families to have two children if their first-born is a girl in order to allow families to have more children to help in the fields and to prevent the gendercide of females” (qtd. in China’s One-Child Policy). Some Han Chinese people who lived in rural areas were also permitted to have a second child if the first child is a…show more content…
The older generation ratio was becoming higher and higher than those of the younger generation because the birth rate was retarded down by the policy. Lack of Labor The one-child policy also resulted in the lack of working labor as the aged population was more than the younger working age population. Imbalance in the Gender Ratio There goes a huge difference in the gender ratio of China’s population because since the one child policy was in effect and the people can have only one child, they gave preference to boys, therefore, they started gender test before the birth of the baby and if the baby was found to be a girl, they abort it though it is illegal but the system was mostly failed to stop that trend. So, this resulted in fewer girls than boys in the society or we can say that created an imbalance in the gender ratio. A BBC report in 2006 exclaimed, “. Over the 20 years’ implementation of the one child policy, the sex ratio of newborn boys to girls had risen from 108.5 in 1985 to 119 in 2005” (qtd. in Settles and Sheng 6). Works

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