The Pros And Cons Of Prostitution

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Prostitution: the last resort There are few cases where women voluntary enter prostitution. Is it voluntary if it is their only choice? These women that enter prostitution own were not trafficked but were more than likely were forced to choose. Women put in difficult situations have to choose between prostitution or being stuck in their circumstances. They have no idea what prostitution entails and is oblivious to the risk factors. It's the choice that's best out of all their choices. Some of the difficult situations that they try to escape are poverty, family and social background, or if they were sexually abused as a child. These women have to decide between prostitution or possibly death. The majority of the human race would choose the…show more content…
The environment that an adolescent grows up in influences their whole future. Every cultural environment has different morals for what they believe is right and wrong. Some may have grown up where family and friends were prostitutes and from the outside they appeared to be living a life of fame. They have nice clothes, flexible hours, freedom, and wealth, but in reality, it is a nightmare that they are forced to live (Capaul 2013). Peer-influence. Another article claims that peer-influence has a big influence on individuals entering the prostitution business. There are areas in the United States where prostitution is normal and accepted by the community. When a young female adolescent is vulnerable and wants money, the culture says "become a prostitute" and she is then blindfolded by what is considered sex trafficking. (Lucas 2013). Abused as a child Abused at home. Being abused during childhood increases the chances of becoming involved in prostitution. The Albany Law Review link physical, sexual, and emotional abuse to children put them at a higher risk to enter prostitution. In one study it shows 70% of adult prostitutes stated that childhood sexual assault was responsible for their entry into prostitution (Farley et., 2014). Abuse in a home is described as the training grounds for prostitution, if one is getting molested at home why not get paid for it and cover rent (Capaul

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