One Child Policy Pros And Cons

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Introduction In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Chairman Mao initiated the One Child Policy for the sole purpose of lowering the population of China. Over 45 years have passed since the law was enforced. The One Child Policy has brought a gender imbalance in the Chinese population. After the many years of the enforcement of this Policy, China has started to realize just how much of an imbalanced gender ratio there is now. The One Child Policy has destroyed the gender balance of the population in China and if people decide to implement the policy in other countries will ruin that country in the future. Even though there are new programs that are trying to fight against this problem there needs to be more programs that are specifically for just this cause. History In 2013 China’s government changed the Policy to allowing couples to have two children as long…show more content…
The impact on the population can be beneficial in the beginning, but over time there becomes a noticeable decrease of one gender or the other. There are some major pros to the One Child Policy, for instance: The One Child Policy can lower the population The Policy can have little to no effect on the manpower of a country in the beginning. Keeps economy from collapsing in debt with taking care of children Health care and education has better quality With these four pros there are also some cons to having the One Child Policy. Policy has failed to keep the population down, there are now over 1.3 billion people as of now, but when this policy started there were 400 million. There are more males than females in the country which is causing problems with some single men. Prostitution and boughten brides have become more common in China and other parts of Asia The Policy has put enormous pressure on an individual for them to carry the family name.(8 Major Pros and Cons of the One Child

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