Pros And Cons Of Space Exploration

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Space Exploration: A Waste of Resources? From the beginning of time, human life has been awestruck by the curiosity of space; this curiosity led to the formation of myths about space exploration which began a debate that is still to this day heavily debated. In today’s times, all are aware that the myths formed centuries ago were, indeed, incorrect, however, they were right in the sense of starting a debate that has yet to be settled (Space). Many years after the formation of the myths, President John F. Kennedy gave his “man on the moon” speech which sparked a sense of hope and confidence in Americans through the thrill of space exploration. Although space exploration is still a heavily debated topic, it is wrongfully believed to be a…show more content…
Debates continue on whether or not space exploration is worth the resources used during an exploration, but space exploration has benefitted the overall well being of human life rather than hurt human life from the beginning of explorations. Like any other, space exploration has its pros and cons; however, one pro of space exploration tends to benefit human life more than one con damages it. WORKS CITED PAGE “A Brief History of Space Exploration.” Aerospace, Accessed 22 February 2018 “Debate: Space Exploration.” Debatepedia;_Space_Exploration Accessed 22 February 2018 DeGroot, Jerry “The Space Race is a Pointless Waste of Money.” Telegraph 25 Feb. 2009 Accessed 22 February 2018 Herzog, Katie “Stephen Hawking thinks it’s time to ditch this dying planet.” Grist 19 Jan. 2016 Accessed 22 February 2018 “NASA Technologies Benefit Our Lives.” Spinoff.NASA Accessed 22 February 2018 “Space Exploration.”
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