Legalizing Prostitution In Canada Analysis

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Ashley Jones K. Williams Composition I 23 September 2014 Prostitution in Canada: To Be or Not To Be Legal In Canada there is an uprising in the community of Canadians who want to make prostitution illegal. In December 2013 regulation laws were passed in Supreme Court leaving the federal government to make final adjustments to the bill. If agreements for regulations cannot be reached then prostitution will soon be illegal in Canada, and likely Sweden shortly after. In Why I'm Against Legalizing Prostitution Andrea Mrozek makes a passionate argument about the ethics of prostitution, why it is a controversial issue, and why she thinks the federal government should step in and assure that it is…show more content…
She describes this using terms like "lack of commitment and community". Columnist Reihan Salam takes a completely different view on this subject, and in fact stands in favor or keeping prostitution legal in Canada and also legalizing it in other states. In the Slate’s "There’s no way to end demand for sex work. So why are Sweden and Canada trying?" Salam takes a daring approach to this topic comparing the issue to prejudice against same sex marriage and the "stigma" against marijuana use. She makes this argument on the grounds that since sex work has been around for ages she thinks that abolishing it is a "pipe dream" and believes that people will buy and sell sex whether with or without the governments consent, and that Americans should just be more open to it. I personally thought that Salam made a very good point stating "It’s not entirely clear that it is preferable for these men to manipulate their way into getting the casual sex they crave rather than have them pay for it." Although the new Canadian bill will make advertisement of sex work and communicating interest in it illegal at any place where children can witness, in my own personal opinion that is…show more content…
leading to more crimes and sending America on a path to becoming the New Amsterdam. Legalizing prostitution will bring in commerce from undesirables, drug dealers, sex shops strip clubs, and also play a hand in the spread of diseases. Although, Salam uses the same example to suggest the opposite effect, stating that "STD’s and rape plummeted" as a result of an accidental sanctioning of prostitution in Rhode Island recently. I agree that pro- prostitution advocates have a point when suggesting that the idea isn't complete nonsense. Legalizing and regulating prostitution can put the government in control of the crimes that are happening regardless, not to mention bring in extra income in the form of taxes. It could raise crime rate in the form of drugs but lower crime rate in the form of rape, killings, and sexual assault, which I feel to be more important. Legalization will offer law enforcement protection to sex workers and discarding the need for pimps, rather than it remain illegal: forcing sex workers to work late hours in dark secluded areas and leaving them exposed to danger. Also, if legalized the government can control and regulate worker

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