Pros And Cons Of Prostitution

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Over the last few months prostitution and the rights around prostitutes have been in the frontline of debate, with many people standing up for prostitutes and their rights. This is the reason I chose the question: “Can legalizing prostitution prevent of even decrease human trafficking” which is classified under the “family and demographic change” topic. The question very much relates to us in todays world. There are many people for legalizing prostitution and there are many people against the legalization as well. The pros and cons will be well explored as well as the statistics behind human trafficking. My hypothesis is that by legalizing prostitution it will prevent and decrease human trafficking. I hope to achieve a well-rounded argument that will prove why this is so. Prostitution is broken down into categories with prostitution being the overarching name. It is then further broken down into sex work and sex…show more content…
The prostitutes have a lack of access to things like condoms, STI and HIV testing. HIV/Aids is a very prevalent. We have a poor government structure which has led to many people being homeless and out of a job. This then leads to illegal prostitution. The prostitutes are raped and are unable to go for treatment for their injuries because they will get fined or even go to jail. Human trafficking is also very common with South Africa having to implement a unabridged birth certificate system where a minors parents would have to give permission for their child to leave the country. It is suggested that if prostitution was legalized rape would decrease by 25% (Cundriff, 2004) Legalizing will also bring in money for the government as sex workers would be taxed on their earnings instead of having to keep it blow the radar. (Debating Europe, 2010) With legalizing it would make no sense to kidnap someone and hold them against their will because it would cost a lot of money and dangerous. (Bhattacharya,

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