The Pros And Cons Of In-Game Games

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In recent years, many publishers have decided to enforce several non-consumer friendly practices to maximize the profit margin of their games. They would remove key elements to the game and require that players pay extra to access said features, they would make progression so hideously slow that someone would see molasses poor faster and they’d create in-game currency to create a disconnect to the expenditure of money. An extremely common practice enforced by greedy publishers is to create a system of in-game currency to create a large disconnect between gold and dollars. Common offenders of this practice are typically free-to-play games in which they have a common currency, which is easily acquirable by any player no matter if they spend one thousand dollars or not a penny and a premium currency, which is either extremely rare and hard to get for players who don’t spend money but is only a dollar away for players who lay down cash. For example, in the mobile game Clash of Clans the player is left in charge of a small village that they have to manage and protect the village from other players, however with the power of real money the player can, for the princely sum of seventeen thousand nine hundred and sixty eight dollars with twenty one cents included (Wikia 1), fully upgrade everything accessible to the village or you can spend…show more content…
Also, the more steps between acquiring something in a game the better, as in the mind of a player they aren’t spending a dollar for that building, gun, soldier or

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