Pros And Cons Of Video Games Essay

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Video games: Beneficial or Bad? HOOK Most people realize that video games can have an influence on teens. Let’s say there are two brothers. One plays games that involve critical thinking and strategies and doesn’t play too often. The other brother plays games that consist of shooting and violence and tends to stay up all night playing. As a result, the first child has good behavior, good grades, and better problem-solving skills. The second child has aggressive behavior, his grades are slipping, and is becoming more distracted and violent. This shows that depending on what kind of games a teen plays it can still have an impact on them. THESIS STATEMENT: Video games can have a big effect on teens both positive and negative. BODY 1 Before video games, children did other things to occupy themselves. Such as…show more content…
6 out of 7 say that they like violent video games over others. In addition, gaming can affect your health. An article on Kids Health titled “Are video games bad for me?” says, “It's hard to get enough active play and exercise if you're always inside playing video games.” But, besides getting active, video games can also interfere with your sleep. Teens can stay up all night playing and end up being tired throughout the day because they didn’t get much sleep. In fact, gaming also affects teens at school and their overall academic performance. As it was mentioned before, teens get no sleep when they play video games all night. This often leads to falling asleep in class and not paying attention. Also, this can affect their grades. When students are gaming they often forget about other responsibilities such as homework and studying which can impact their grades. BODY

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