The Pros And Cons Of Video Games

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Imagine if you were to be on trial for a case to prove someone guilty, and you were to show up with only half the information you needed. Well in this case those people are the ones trying to say video games are what cause school shootings and violence. There has been research on video games, and the ones saying they do cause violence has only half the information they need. There are many reasons violence can not be made from just video games themselves. Video games may incorporate violence, but no accurate research has been found showing it is what causes violence in teens they have actually shown the exact opposite. One of the things research shows is that kids know the difference from reality and the virtual world. ¨By age seven, children can distinguish fantasy from reality, and can tell the difference between video game violence and real-world violence. Video game…show more content…
It's good to have and use your imagination, because imagination and fantasy is in a lot of things. Just like if you were to read a book or even write a paper. Teens are exposed to fantasy, violence, and virtual reality all of the time and understand the difference between real life and fantasy. Secondly, studies have actually shown many positive attributes from games instead of negative. Video games have been shown to induce a feeling of guilt for one's hurt or injured in the gaming process. This helps the player morally and help them commit more actions that benefit others. Video games also promote civil engagements and good social skills. Teens can develop a lot of good traits from video games like team work and how to communicate with others. Its also a great way for stress relief and it helps let off steam. Its nice to sit down and relax after a stressful situation and playing games help get your mind off of things. There are so many wonderful benefits a teen can gain from games socially and

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