Analysis: Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Should College Athletes be Paid? Should college athletes be paid to play sports? There are plenty of reasons why they should and why they should not. It could be beneficial to the players, to the staff, and to the school itself. It could also be disappointing for fans knowing how these young kids are already making money in college. There is an argument for both sides, but the solution is to support the correct one. One reason athletes should be paid is because they put their bodies on the line every game they play. In football, there is an injury almost every game. Players have become paralyzed or suffered other injuries that ended young careers before they get started. These athletes sacrifice their bodies just to play the game they love and to possibly play at a professional level. If college athletes were paid, they would to pay expenses if…show more content…
College basketball players especially bring in money during March Madness, which is a tournament to determine the NCAA National Champions. With every game in the tournament televised, these players have huge opportunity to show what they are made of at a national level. March Madness is one of the most watched sporting events in the country and brings in a huge amount of money over the course of one month alone. If college athletes were paid, they would be rewarded for being the stars and the main attractions of the tournament. Another reason college athletes should be paid is because it helps to begin creating a sense of financial awareness. Most athletes are financially irresponsible. If they do not start being protective of their money now, it might hurt after their retirement. If college athletes were paid, schools could help students build a foundation for their future financially. These students would have better sense of awareness financially in the
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