Pros And Cons Of School New Rule

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As a school instructor I feel as if that the school requiring students to having to take school sports should be good for all students. I want to explain why this should be a good choice for the students with the pros and cons. All my students who are against the school new rule says that if the school doesn’t go with the new rule will allow the students to focus on their school work and not be so overwhelmed with practices and games if they approve the new rule for school. My students who are all for the new rule have said that with this new rule it would give them better personality and that they can meet new people from different schools so that means they can have more friends. The students who are against agree with one of the things that my students who are for the new rule that It could give them experience with their personality ,but if they didn’t pass the rule they would be able to join other…show more content…
As said in the article “The percentage of how many high school go to college is 93.5% and 91.8% who have graduated with bachelors or higher degree.” Students who are against the rule have also pointed out that it isn’t likely that they will break a bone or hurt themselves while doing other school activities ,but they will have to study more just like the students who play sport because all school activities are very time assuming. There is a school program that will make them study just as more or if not more than the sport students is Mock Trial. They will have to know the law inside and out so they would have to study the law and have time for their regular school work, but it will also help them with their speaking skills in large crowds and small crowds so Mock Trail is also a pro and a
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