Essay On Ghosts Are Real

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People around the world have different beliefs about many aspects in life. Those ranging from religious beliefs to personal beliefs. According to a philosopher, Sidney Hook, who wrote, “What is a Liberal Education?”, states that if science contradicts your belief, it is no longer valid and irrational to keep believing in it. For example, people who believe ghosts are real, Hook would say that there is something wrong with that due to science. You would think that ghosts are actually not real just because science says so but there have been valid experiences from people that prove that they are real. Therefore, in this paper I am going to argue about Hooks idea and say that ghosts are real due to a real life story from Cuba Road. A family member of mine…show more content…
From there, they followed the GPS directions. As they were getting near their destination, their hearts were racing faster and faster. The GPS led them to a neighborhood with humongous houses where no humans were seen and no lights were on. There were no lights on the houses or the streets. The driver had to put on his high beam lights due to how dark it was in that neighborhood which gave my cousin and his friends the goosebumps. Finally, after many turns within the neighborhood, the ended up at a dead end. The GPS said, “You have arrived. Park your car and walk your destination” and then again, “Park your car and walk your destination.” Everyone was so confused because right in front of them was just a forest that you couldn't see anything within all the trees. But across of that forest was the actual street, Cuba Road. My cousin and his friends did not turn off the car or even got out of the car. Instead, they had to figure out in maps themselves how to directly get to the actual street because GPS kept wanting them to get out of their car and walk through the forest. Once my cousin was able to direct his friend to the actual street, they started to see odd things. At first,
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