Targeting Rule Research Paper

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Don’t Get Caught Targeting The targeting rule is the most controversial rule in all of football. Since the rules debut, it has triggered all types reactions. The targeting rule can help a player or ruin their style of play. Either way you look at it, the rule will affect all players. Targeting is the act of intentionally and maliciously taking aim at a defenseless players head or neck. The rule states you may not lead with your helmet, forearm, fist, hand, shoulders, or elbow to make contact above the shoulders. This is when trying to make a play that is beyond a legal tackle, block, or a play on the ball. The rule was introduced to the NFL in 2013 as well as the NCAA. Since then, the rule has completely changed the game of football. Being that most people disagree with the rule, and some agree, it is extremely controversial. Some believe the rule is making the game safer, but most people would have to disagree.(targeting 2015)…show more content…
Here I will discuss the pros to the rule. The main upside to the new rule is the emphasis on reducing head injuries. While making it illegal to hit someone above the shoulders, they have successfully decreased head injuries almost completely. It has been medically and scientifically proven that 47% of football players have head trauma after their football careers. NCAA coordinator of officials Roger Redding gets a lot of heat from the rule, but he believes it’s the best thing for the game. Of course making the new targeting rule will not completely eliminate concussions and other head injuries, but it is a great start. Redding believes that by keeping the 15 yard penalty after the ejection is overturned is smart and will teach players to work on tackling with better form. “We’ve got to get this kind of play out of the game,” Redding said, “We’ve got to change the game, that’s just the bottom
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