Pros And Cons Of Deer Baiting

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I. Rules of deer baiting A. The bait that you are using to attract the deer has to be in a above the ground feeder B. The attractant has to be 100yrd from your stand or the spot you are hunting C. Feeding sites may not be hunted for 10 days prior to the removal of all feed II. Pros of deer baiting A. The precent of deer being harvested will greatly increased B. It is a cost effective way to hunt deer C. Can be a great way to introduce kids to the outdoors D. It will make deer more predictable III. Cons of deer baiting A. It could jeprodize the sport of hunting in Mississippi B. Create biological and wildlife population problems C. Create habitat problems that could pose serious threat to the deer population Mississippi now allows hunters to set up feeders 100yrds from their stand location. And this method can be used year round but using this method could cause habitat problems that I will discuss later in this paper. {Mississippi wildlife Federation} Using this new deer baiting method could jeprodize the sport of hunting in Mississippi. Scientist believe that using this new method of attracting deer could allow hunters to harvest more animals with the aid of bait. The non hunters view this as a unethical way to attract and harvest deer. Using this method will attract more…show more content…
In years past you could use the baiting method but the bait had to be out of site. Now with this new rule or “law” the bait or attractant can be placed in a feeder in plain site but has to be in a feeder 100yrds away from your stand site or the spot you are hunting. Using this new system of hunting will now make deer more predictable and can allow hunters to make better descisions on which deer to shoot. Using the combination of a game camera and corn or “attractant” can allow hunters to pattern deer easier than in { Mississippi wildlife

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