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Football is honestly America’s greatest sport. There is no better sport that teaches life lessons. Also, what a better way to burn off energy or anger. With football comes more cons than almost other sports, but many pros come with it as well. Some cons are scrapes, bruises, broken bones, and one I’ve recently experienced, concussions. The pros of football are learning the value of teamwork, how to overcome adversity, and creating lifelong friendships. Football is an exciting, fast beat, adrenaline high sport. The cons of football are very commonly known because it is such a contact sport. Scrapes, bruises, and stingers are all apart of the package. Everyone knows the risk of getting a dislocated joint, broken bone or torn ligaments. The worst and very commonly seen…show more content…
New rules have been passed to stop some concussions and other neck slash head injuries. Targeting, which is to take aim at an opponent for purposes of attacking with an intent beyond a legal tackle, is no longer allowed and will result in a penalty, and in college you are thrown out of the game and if reviewed and determined intentional will be suspended. Also teaching proper fundamentals on how to tackle will also eliminate some risk of injury to all players. Just like any other sport a player creates a special bond or friendship with another player that can last a lifetime, which is one pro of football. Other pros of football are learning the value of teamwork that a player can carry with them all through life. Not only using teamwork in sports, but also in school and the workplace. If not being a team player is possible for one then being successful is not really an option for someone in the real world. Being able to work with others in a civil environment to get the job done as quickly and effective as possible. With Should Parents Allow Their Children To Play Football? 3 football comes adversity, just like in life. If a player can find a way to push through the

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