How To Pitch Softball Persuasive Essay

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Here I’ll be talking about recreational and competitive game similar to fast-pitch with pitching a crucial difference. Exactly, I’m talking about slow-pitch softball. Despite of the name, slow-pitch is actually a very fast paced, exciting game to play and watch. As one of the most popular sports , a lot of people are interested in its pros and cons. Just as any other sport, slow pitch softball guarantees fun and encourages healthy lifestyle. However, the best thing about it is that it allows nine players of all ages, abilities, genders to play in a mixed or single-sex teams in social fun environment. Playing this sport kills laziness, so it’s a great opportunity to stay active. It promotes self-esteem but also teaches about teamwork and fair play.…show more content…
In every sport, there are injuries and soft pitch softball is not an excuse. You can injure yourself while pitching, hitting, catching and many other occasions. Just don’t get me started when people stumble and fall, because that kind of scene has been seen too many times. Next thing is the sun. It may seem harmless, but that’s not the case. If you think that a baseball cap can protect you, you’re so wrong. There have been cases where people collapse on the field, because of the heat and also because the most important thing when playing any sport, that you have to drink water and maintain the fluids in your body. You mustn’t get dehydrated.This sport is played by all generations and as we know, the most common thing after a game is to go to the nearest café or pub and get a cold one. One beer after a game doesn’t seem scary and frankly it isn’t, but after one your order another and another one and before you know it, you’re drunk. So, before that happens think with your head and don’t let any unwanted consenquences to

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