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Best chest toning workouts for women: Bodybuilding and fitness is no more a men thing, women all over the world have been bodybuilding now. It's true that both the genders have completely different body, but that doesn’t mean that you need to train them differently. Both men and women have almost very similar workouts, but unfortunately not every women follows these complete workout plans. The basic regions that women usually target in their bodies are their arms, legs; butt and abs. one major region that most women ignore in their workouts is the chest. The biggest misconception that women have about chest workouts is that they think these workouts will make them look like men or will make them less feminine. But in reality chest workouts…show more content…
When you will train these muscles they will turn firmer and thus will make your bust lift and appear fuller. Training these muscles will help you improve the movement of your shoulders too as your breast muscles are connected to the shoulder joint. Since doing these workouts can help you improve the working of your arms. What are the best chest workouts for women? Since now it’s clear how important chest workouts for women are, you cannot make excuses. You can either select weight lifting workouts or you can go with without weight workouts the choice is yours. Both the workouts will give you visible results. The only difference is that the use of weight can help you get quicker results while without weight workouts can take a little longer. The good news for non-weight lifters is that you can use your own body weight to train your muscles. Below are some basic workouts that you must include in your regular workout and enhance your chest region like the rest of your body. 1. Medicine ball push-up: Medicine ball push-up is an example of variation in the basic push-up workout. All you need is a medicine ball and you are ready to

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