The Pros And Cons Of Immigration

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Immigration is a growing issue with two sides, people who accept immigrants coming into their nation, and people who do not and believe that these newcomers should stay in their lands, and should go back to their foreign countries. Immigration is not about the two points of views, but about the reason why they’re coming into the nation. Immigration is a positive thing for a nation because it gives the newcomer better opportunities and makes a country’s society more diverse. Statistically, Immigrants make the economy grow, because they will enter work forces that some are not willing to take due to dreams of higher paying careers or lack of qualifications. Now, when a person is looking for different jobs within their needs, they will look within the immigrants to find an individual who works in that job or career they are looking for. Americans look at the newcomers as prideful when they take these jobs because they believe those are the jobs they will accept. As Richard Rodriguez’s Blaxicans says in Lines…show more content…
Richard Rodriguez sarcastically states in his introductory paragraph of Blaxicans “Immigrants seem to be bent on undoing America.” Another example is environmental changes like in Of Plymouth Plantation in which William Bradford describes that the cold and harsh winter in lines 324-325 “...half of their company died, especially in January and February…” Richard Rodriguez also asks in his essay in line 8 “How will they fit in with us?” The white American gets scared when an immigrant or a person of different race walks by them or stands close to them but isn’t it a rational reaction? Even though they might not fit into the society that some are used to, the immigrants change it by making it stronger and more diverse, this influences a sense of pride in the society people live
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