Immigration Pros And Cons

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This country has been formed by diligent, dedicated and persevering people who came to this land and have called it home. Ariza mentions that “The diversity that immigrants have brought, and continue to bring, is an asset to the American way of life” ( Ariza 4). Immigrants enrich this country incomparably, however, they encounter countless adversities everyday. Frequently, immigrants have abandoned everything in their home countries to arrive here. The great majority risk everything such as leaving their home, family, culture and nation behind to seek better opportunities for their families. As soon as they step this soil, they work long hours to provide for their families and contribute to the growth of this nation. Despite all their efforts, the systems in place have failed to enrich or provide services ,such education, to give them an equal opportunity of success. This nation has underestimate the richness that these families can contribute to this nations so that we can thrive.…show more content…
As Ariza states “ no federal law exist that mandate a specific type of program to serve the needs of ELLs,” (Ariza 22) Although the government provides funds to generate and support for the programs that exist today,none of them can be efficient or adequate to our body of students. These programs are aim to eliminate the student's’ language and acquired English as the main language. Transitional bilingual, ESL, ENL, Shelter English and ESOL are part of the subtractive support handling our students’ education. Consequently, students who passed through these programs are below native students’ readiness. Ultimately, these programs set our ENL students for failure and have major consequences on their
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