Mexican Immigration Pros And Cons

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Katherine Russell UN1025 0E Global Issues 10/3/2015 Migration has been ingrained in humanity since the beginning of our time. In certain geological areas of the world migration patterns are more evident than others such as the United States. “Southern United States or perhaps even the U.S. as a whole, has long been a crossroads between social groups, empires, and nation-states”:(Stavig, 2015). This crossroad of apparent influx of Mexican immigration has caused the United States to experience many economic gains and drawbacks. One of the many economic policies the United States has implemented due to Mexican immigration is the 287(g) program. “Under 287(g), with federal approval, the government provides state and local law enforcement officers with the training to identify, process and detain immigration offenders during regular law enforcement activity”:(Parrado, 2012). After the economic boom in the 1990’s and the large influx of Mexican immigrants, the…show more content…
(2015). Negotiating Conquest: Internal Colonialism and Shared Histories in the South Texas Borderlands. The Western Historical Quarterly, 46(3), 335-353. Retrieved October 2, 2015, from JSTOR. This journal was located by searching the library database JSTOR with the keywords “Mexican immigration”. This essay analyzes the post-1848 South Texas borderlands through the internal colonial model. South Texas Mexicans, rather than being the victims of a colonial power, actively negotiated their places within the South Texas internal colony. This journal was written by Tim Bowman, who is an assistant professor of history at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. The journal was published in autumn 2015 so the authors’ observations and findings are current with the modern immigration situations. Parrado, E. (2012). Immigration Enforcement Policies, the Economic Recession, and the Size of Local Mexican Immigrant Populations. The ANNALS, 641(1), 16-37.

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