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Research methodology Methodology provides a feasible solution to the problems being addressed in the research, being a critical element of research. The effective methods of research should be well recognized by the researcher to conduct a quality research. Different ways of data collection as well as selection of adopting method for researched is addressed by a part of research methodology according to (Gill and Johnson, 2002). Research methodology also plays a significant role in conducting research analysis as it has been described that different techniques that are used for conducting the research, constitute the research methodology (Saunders, Thornhill and Lewis, 2009). 3.1 Research design In conducting this research, quantitative research…show more content…
The primary data is composed of the data collected at first hand through the use of direct or telephonic interviews from the concerned persons, surveys or questionnaires. On the contrary, the data that is obtained from the secondary resources and published materials such as archives, libraries, websites, journals, books, articles, magazines, annual reports of the companies and information obtained from internet sources is called secondary data. Ambiguities in the information obtained and any sort of inquiries can be mitigated and data can be clarified at the spot to have more accurate data from these sources that will lead to the more accurate and reliable results (Pervez, 2005). At times, secondary data can be sufficient for the solution of the problem on hand. The other advantages that secondary data is offered includes cost effectiveness and speed for the collection of data along with reliability, correctness and accuracy in comparison of primary…show more content…
The primary data have been obtained from the respondents through the approved questionnaire. By applying existing literature on the problem on hand, we developed a questionnaire on polar questions and five likert scale. The reliability of questions has also been tested for the accuracy of information and final conclusion. The questions have been used and made by many researchers in the past; hence these questions were transformed into the simple English language for the better understanding and removal of biasness or data

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