The Pros And Cons Of US Immigration Law

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Entering the United States illegally is risky; unauthorized immigrants must either use falsified documents to deceive an immigration official, come ashore by boat without being detected, or sneak across the nation's land borders with Mexico or Canada, Hundreds of people die each year attempting to cross the border between the United States and Mexico, most of heatstroke or dehydration in the treacherous deserts that separate the two countries. The penalty for illegal immigration, which is classified as a federal misdemeanor, is strict as well. The U.S. government can deport illegal immigrants and ban them from re-entering the country for 10 years. Nevertheless, people from other countries continue to take these risks on a daily basis. Parents will come to this country for a better life for their kids, they don’t want their kids to be working in a minimum wage job , no benefits , endless hours and yes “they want better for their family” .…show more content…
The message it sends is that if you violate U.S. immigration law, American society is responsible for fixing the mess you created for your kids.” (Mehlman) America society is not fixing any mess , in reality the own Dreamers are trying to fix their own mess by going to college , trying to get a work authorization to provide for their family and not depend on the government for food stamps , unemployment or any of these other benefits citizens have . “Some of them were brought as infants or toddlers and cannot remember living anywhere else. Dreamers often cannot find employment because of their unauthorized status.”

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