The Pros And Cons Of Immigration Reform

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Immigration has been a provocative issue for decades. Recently there has been numerous suggestions made by the president Barack Obama in order to pass the immigration reform and fulfill what most people yearn for: an opportunity at the American Dream. While some in Congress want the bill to be passed others don't. Three fundamental points that one must take into consideration are The Naturalization Process, Border Security, and the effect it's having on the economy. Those are the key factors that generate tension in Congress from three different viewpoints which are Socialist, Liberal, and Conservatism. Before understanding the reform, one must comprehend what are politics, institutions, state, government, and policies. Politics is defined…show more content…
Governmental politic is developed of government institutions at national, state, and/or local levels and are elected, appointed and/or career policymakers. Political politic generates from those who try to influence government from outside, which consist of parties, interest groups, and unions. Today, we live in a democratic government where it is ruled by many and the government has many functions which consist of the following: resolve conflicts, provide public services, provide security, provide Economic Opportunity, and regulate & protect rights. All these things tie back to the immigration reform and if it should be…show more content…
There were shocking circumstances reported based on the holding cells from former people who were detained. These circumstances violate the CBP’s own policies and also are alleged to violate the U.S. Constitution. Former individuals sharply describe remarkably intense temperatures. It is acknowledged by both the people held there and guards as "hieleras" which is Spanish for "freezers". To make things worse, the detainees describe being forced to sit and sleep for multiple nights on the cold concrete floors. They also received little to no food or sanitary drinking water. Plus there is not only one person in each cell but multiple individuals making it overcrowded. Not only are they overcrowded, but they are unsanitary holding cells without basic hygiene items. Adequate medical care is denied to the people. Also, communication with family members, legal counsel, or consulates is all denied. Too much pressure and fear are put on them that they become overwhelmed and feel obligated to sign their own deportation papers. Nevertheless, despite numerous reports and articles revealing these conditions, they continue to violate people's rights. If they expand the border patrol the that means that more people would be detained in these facilities and cause more facilities to be built with the same structure and lacking

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