The Importance Of Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality is where people can create a virtual world where discoveries can be made, and almost anything can be modeled. The possibilities are endless. Augmented Reality is Virtual Reality presented in the natural world. These AR (augmented reality) glasses are being meshed into our everyday lives and jobs. Scientists predict that these glasses will be in our lives as much as smartphones are. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will improve our future because it can build empathy, is improving job training and the workplace, and improves neurological medical treatment. In order to feel empathy, the audience needs to feel connected to the characters. The makers of this technology have already found out how to trigger our five senses (Konnikova).…show more content…
VR can remodel journalism by putting the person in the middle of the scene. By wearing the goggles, a screen is shown in front of the viewer and tracks everywhere he or she looks. Nonny de la Peña, who created the first VR film in 2012, comments, “by putting on these goggles that track wherever you look, you get this whole-body sensation, like you’re actually there. What’s a better way to describe a news scene then being able to actually put the viewer in the middle of the story.” The viewer could get a real feeling of being with the people in the story. They will remember it with their whole body and not just their mind. Peña explains that when the people saw her films, they had really intense, authentic reactions that wouldn’t come from staring at a TV screen or a mobile device…show more content…
Marcelle Hopkins of the New York Times explains “Augmented Reality can be used for research by creating three-dimensional objects and putting them in the user’s environment. For example, if we build a 3D model of how gravitational waves are generated from colliding black holes, you could walk around it to observe the mechanics of an invisible astronomical event.” Nasa conducts research by using VR to create experiences of walking on planets like Mars to help them better understand the plant (Hopkins). VR and AR have already made a big impact on research, careers, and the workplace and will continue to progress in the

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