Pros And Cons Of Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigration is a growing trend for the US. Illegal immigration is when someone enters the US illegally and continues to stay without citizenship. What if you were born here in the US to a undocumented immigrant, does that make you a illegal alien, when in fact you have never even set foot on foreign soil? It does make you illegal even though you would be a fish out of water if you were to be deported just like any typical American. An estimated 11.5 million of the more than 40 million foreign born individuals residing in the US are considered “undocumented immigrants”. Roughly 1.8 million of the nations undocumented population is 18 years old or younger, and an estimated 65,000 undocumented students graduate from American high schools…show more content…
DACA recipients are eligible for employment Authorization and a Social Security number, and in most states they can obtain a driver’s license. DACA recipients, therefore, find themselves in a unique situation, as they are lawfully present in the United States regardless of their lack of immigration status. (Adams,Boynes51) These challenges appear to all be “grey” area and law makers are making the rules and laws difficult to decode and decipher. We need tougher laws to be enforced in a sensible manner so the children under DACA following the rules can benefit from them without fear of deportation. Most of these DREAMERS are productive, law abiding citizens in society. DACA criteria include age of arrival in the United States, residence and ties to this country, and review of any criminal activity. (Thronson135) This failure to engage with the realities of deportation for families and children is a principal reason that U.S. immigration law is at odds with international human rights law. (Thronson132) United States is known as the Land of the Free, The home of the Brave, and a place where the American Dream is still alive. Children born here and who have spent their whole lives living as American citizens should not be punished by being deported especially when they are following the rules and seeking higher education. These so called children are the same as you and I,

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