The Pros And Cons Of Immigration In America

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Before we start this discussion, let's begin with unless you are 100% Native American, you are an immigrant. We all come from somewhere, but for most of us, it wasn't here. If we are to be truthful, your ancestors who first came to this country probably encountered the same kind of xenophobia people are heaping on the current immigrants. With every new wave of immigrate, no matter where they were from, were generally despised by the previous wave that had integrated into our society, the Irish, German, Polish, Asian, ad nausum. So, let's keep that in mind as we talk about immigration. Now, I want to address a few other things when talking about people coming to our country. The first is, immigration to the U.S. is down and has been dropping for the last couple of years. Whatever you have been hearing from the fear-mongers, the numbers don't lie, immigration numbers are down across the board, and has been trending that way for the last several years. And the number of immigrants who have been here for over ten years are higher than those that have been here less than that. Which means, fewer new immigrants are coming in. Second, unauthorized immigrants make up less than 4% of the population. Looking at that number alone should tell you if you lost your job, it's probably…show more content…
In places we have bombed back to the stone age, disrupted their economic structure, engaged in regime changes, imposed sanctions on, or let our corporations play havoc with their environment for profit, we have to man up and acknowledge we played a hand in their plight. We bear at least some of the responsibility for what has happened to them and we need to make it right somehow. Whether that is letting them into our country or going to fix the mess we made so they can go home or something else entirely, we have to own what we have done and make

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