The Importance Of Fatherhood

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Fathers are important in raising emotionally well-adjusted children because fathers provide the other half of reason, knowledge, and influence next to mothers. When thinking of becoming a father some thoughts might be diaper changing, feeding, and playing, after that setting down the rules and enforcing with punishment the child or children. Fathers set the life roles for boys and what girls look for in a man. Recent studies have shown children with father figures have fewer problems in school and are more sociable in life. First off, a father should be compassionate, caring, involved, and sets good examples for his kid or kids to follow. The way a father speaks will develop and influence how a child speaks, the way they act…show more content…
Mothers and fathers share the responsibility to keep children safe, teach them about the value of a dollar, how to pay bills and set examples on how to act in society and take care of themselves. Children who are and loved and have a good bond with their fathers, tend to have less social problems. When a father is less involved the chance of a child dropping out of high school is more likely, along with drug and alcohol…show more content…
Also the National Fatherhood Initiative stated that fathers involved with caring in the first days of a child’s life can have positive long-term benefits and in 2014 a study showed in America that 23.6% of children (17.4 million) lived without fathers. Next, when thinking about how humans behave and where do people learn how to act, what to say, and how to do things all come from how a person is brought up? Children growing up in fatherless households are more likely to not take part in school activities or sports and abuse alcohol and drugs compared to children raised in two-parent households. Children imitate how their parents act. For example if a child sees his or hers father yell and fight with their mother they will grow up thinking that fighting in the home is ok. If a child sees their father always open the door for their mother, gives her flowers or other type of good surprise the child will learn that type of behavior is part of the home

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