Pros And Cons Of Immigration Policy And Morality

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Immigration Policy and Morality With the interconnectedness of the world brought on by globalization, the effects of conflicts and crises in a country can be felt thousands of miles away. One of the most notable and controversial of these impacts is the mass migration of displaced people into different countries. Some have argued that these immigrants bring with them violence, increase competition for employment, generate economic burdens, and cause the destruction of native cultures of the countries that they migrate into. However, analysis of other sources illustrates the intense struggles and abhorrent conditions immigrants face throughout their journey and time spent assimilating into the nations they seek refuge in. Viewing these…show more content…
While supplying cheap labor for companies, immigrants lower wages of native workers by approximately $99 to $118 billion annually and increase competition for jobs among laborers in America (Borjas). Immigrants also cause difficulties fiscally for the U. S. government by taking advantage of various government programs and services, further burdening native laborers and tax payers (Borjas). It has been estimated that immigrant households generate a financial deficit of $20.2 billion a year (Camarota). Among federal programs that are negatively affected financially by immigrants are allegedly law enforcement agencies responding to crimes generated by…show more content…
Rampant xenophobia, exploitation, and countless forms of discrimination hinder refugee’s attempts at assimilating into their new homes. Nativist movements in America constantly lobby for policies that restrict the opportunities of immigrants and treat them as second class citizens. Legislature in Arizona was recently brought to the Supreme Court that allowed authorities to be able to stop suspected illegal immigrants and demand government authorized identification (Nowiki). The political debate over immigration has increased hate crimes perpetrated against Mexican immigrants over the past few years (Netter). In Germany with the surge of Syrian refugees radical right winged groups have responded with violence. 340 cases of violent acts have been performed against migrants over the past year, which have included violent assaults and arsons and vandalisms of refugee encampments (Yan). Immigrants have also faced outright financial exploitation during their time assimilating into the west. Undocumented workers in the United States are forced to work for extremely minimal pay or none at all under the threat of being reported to the authorities and deported (Hyunhye). After braving the perilous journey immigrants reach the first world only to be treated as if they are subhuman by the government and citizens alike. Analysis of these sources adds further emphasis to the intensity of the oppression

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