The Pros And Cons Of Adoption

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Many families choose to adopt on a daily basis. The decision to adopt can arise for many different reasons. Some families adopt another family member’s child because they are not able to care for it. Others may choose adoption because they would rather help a child in need. However, some families make the decision to adopt because the lack the means to create their own family. No matter the reason a family chooses to adopt a child they must be able to deal with any issues the adoption may raise. Adoption can affect many aspects of child development. Adopted children can be effected socially, mentally, and physically. Adoption also impacts other family members. Adoption impacts a child’s self-esteem, identity development, and their scene of worth. Self-esteem is how a child feels about themselves as a person. It is based on cognitive abilities and self-concept. This scene of self begins early in life and continue on throughout their lives. All children must deal with their self-esteem and many seem to suffer from low self-esteem at times. However, adopted children seem to have more issues with low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can stem from a scene of abandonment from being put up for adoption. Adopted children often wonder why they were put up for…show more content…
Identity development beings when children enter elementary school. Their heritage as well as their home environment all contribute to a child’s identity. At this age children are trying to figure out their place in a world outside of their immediate household. Learning about their family history or heritage in school can bring about many confusing questions for adopted children. This can be a bigger issue for children who are not of the same heritage or nationality of their adopted parents. While identity development begins at a young age many adolescents seem to struggle the most with their identity, especially when they are
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