Washing Machine Case Study

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9. DIY Hacks to Keep Your Washing Machine Working for Years Our lives would not be as easy as they seem without home appliances. Microwave, refrigerators, and washing machines do the heavy work for us and last for years. In fact, these are a costly investment for most buyers. In such a case, you should take up the task of keeping your home appliances up and running. Here are a few maintenance tips that will aid you in keeping your washing machine working for years. Tip No. 1. Machine Deep Cleaning: Washing machine maintenance is a process that many owners forget to repeat once in a while. And many realise the importance of deep cleaning when washing machine problems occur. Water contains several minerals and salts such as iron, calcium, and…show more content…
2. Protect the Finish: People spend huge amounts of money on integrated washing machines that enhance the look of their kitchen space. However, many do not care about its look and finish as the top of integrated washing machines is often used as a table top in kitchens. This should be avoided as it damages the outer finish of the machine and causes scratches and wear and tear. Plain top surface of front load integrated washing machines is most suffered by this. Owners must understand that washing machines are delicate equipment and require proper care in terms of looks as well. The sides and top of your washing machine must be cleaned with a glass cleaner as these do not contain harsh chemicals. Maintain the factory finish of your machine and it will look great for…show more content…
4. Clean the Gasket: The rubber gasket of your washing machine suffers a lot. All the dust and detergent spillage gathers on the gasket, mostly in top load machines. This is because some amount of micro dust particles enter every time you open the door. These dust particles usually gather on the edges and sides of the gasket. Being on the upper sides of the washer-dryer, it undergoes spills but does not get wet properly and thus remains unlearned. This is an important part of your machine that protects your hands and clothes from sharp edges of the washer-dryer. This is why you should not ignore and clean it properly on regular

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