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Adoption ` When having a baby there is always other choices besides keeping the child or having an abortion; it may be necessary to put the child up for adoption, if adoption is the right thing to do for that certain situation there are many kinds of adoption. There are many women these days that get pregnant, but cannot keep the baby whether it is for financial reasons or what ever their situation may be. Adoption is also an option for women and couples that cannot have children for any reason. Adoption can help the child, birth parent and the adoptive family. Although the adoption process can be long and stressful sometimes it can be too stressful. There is nothing wrong with having to put a child up for adoption. If putting the child up for adoption is going to let that child have a better life than that is what should be done. Putting the child up for adoption can especially help teenage girls who get pregnant because they are then more likely to…show more content…
One might wonder why someone would want to adopt a child and raise it even though it is not genetically his or her child, but it has to be thought of this way, “life offers so many memorable moments, sometimes it is hard to realize how special they are without a child there to remind us” (American Adopts…). Children do not just have to be adopted from the U.S. there are children who need adopted in many countries around the world and this is called inter-county adoption. This process can be even more stressful than just a regular adoption in the U.S. because there is more stipulations and qualifications the child and adoptive family has to go through. Even though the process can be hard, stressful and intimidating families from the U.S. adopt thousands of children a year from all over that are in need of a permanent and loving home (What is

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