Consumer Behavior: The Consumer Decision Making Process

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Consumer Behaviour 1. The Consumer Decision Process The mechanism of procurement, choosing or the adoption of goods and services, interpretation of events by a person or an entity is defined as a consumer decision process. Consumer decision process has problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, product choice and post product evaluation. However, the consumer may not end up buying the product after the whole process(Johnston, 2013). 1.1 Problem Recognition Friction happens when a consumer realizes the disagree between the state they crave for and what they need is defined as problem recognition. Emotional contrasting states in problem recognition are reflected as external and internal cues. Internal Cues acts as…show more content…
Three internal factors that affect decision making process i) Attitudes Attitudes closely relates to how a consumer feels and reacts to the product, it is considered as a lasting evaluation that a consumer undertakes. There are three segments in the attitudes that are, affections, cognition and behaviour. Consumer will use the three components to react to Samsung Note 3 or Samsung. Consumers will base that affections to determine if they want to shortlist Samsung into their list of considerations. ii) Motivation Consumers who are attracted to own a Samsung Note 3 fall into the few categories, gamers, executives who are always on the move and people who enjoy watching movies or having a mobile camera that has better camera functions. Since Samsung Note 3 boost of all that the consumers are looking for, example, the Note 3 enables executives to multitask while on the move, gamers are able to enjoy the high quality resolution and it has a shocking 13 megapixel camera. Consumers realises that Samsung Note 3 will be able to satisfy that need and are motivated to own one(Samsung, 2014). iii)…show more content…
Images capture are sharper and clearer. While the high resolution and 5.7" screen enables, gamers to enjoy playing games on the go without having to look into a smaller screen(Samsung, 2014). 4. Three external factors that affect decision making process i) Reference Groups Reference group could be individuals or groups that a consumer seeks to delight or ape, these may be groups or individuals that consumers do not know personally. Consumers are afraid to be left out or being an outcast so they will try to blend in with the majority. ii) Social influence Environment plays a big part in influencing consumers in their purchasing habits. Consumers will seek for "approval" from peers before purchasing the product, they will allow those influences affect the decision. Media companies will also employ tactics to prove to them, to be included into the "in" crowd, they will need have the Samsung Note 3. iii)Opinion leaders Opinion leaders have the influence to change the mindset or the decision of consumers. They possess the experience or awareness of the Samsung Note 3, they are able to impress consumers to sway their decision and buy the Note 3. 5. Application On Relevant

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