Pros And Cons Of Adoption

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1. Birth rate is important to balance out the nations population and most importantly it’s illustrating the measures of population which deals with factors like education, health organizations, and so on that should be available for them. Also Birth rate issues deals with demographic issues, meaning they need a certain amount of birth rate to take a hold of it and manage such overpopulation (ex. China). Koreans issue with low birth rate directly points to their cultural experience, in other words, having a child portrays the opposite of sweetness but “stress”, “education”, “money”, “reputation” and so on compared to the “natural” mindset of having a child is a bittersweet experience we all grow together. Again, I feel like people are more afraid of the “predictable” future according to their present status, therefore people would most likely want to feel prepared to create a family than…show more content…
I don’t think there is a person who is against adopting because they are children who were given with misfortune after birth. It’s definitely sensitive as it’s dealing with fragile lives, so I do understand why their process are so complicated and strict. Although there are cases where these children were sent back to the orphanage, abused, or all kind of unexpected tragedies, it’s still not changing my thought about adoption being a second chance for the children. I know few friends who were adopted by their parents since birth but I had no idea until they told me, and it still didn’t make a difference how I treated them. Therefore issues with adopting should be focusing on how their system is being treated as. Giving birth without marriage is not something new for me, in previous discussions we have been dealing with what should be normal and what should we call abnormal and wrong, while for me I believe it’s their choice to do what they want for their own sake. Also, if we think about it, it’s not harming anyone, therefore the whole targeting should be kept to
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