Commercial Surrogate Motherhood

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Surrogate parenthood has been questioned many times as in how it works or what makes a parent a “real parent”. But in reality it's just giving a couple or someone the chance to experience the way it feels to be a parent risking to loose the baby along with a lot of money. Theres many pros and cons when it comes to surrogate parenting. In my opinion, to temporarily use a womb to have your own baby is a genius idea. Most couples are unable to reproduce but they have many options. The most popular choices are adoption and surrogate, out of the two surrogate has been the most controversial. Most people have argued that it should be illegal because “ it is immoral and because it can cause problems and complications.” ( “Commercial Surrogate Motherhood”…show more content…
Sure it might cause problems and conflict but there is more important thing out in the world that should be illegal than surrogacy. For example, “marriage causes complications and problems...” (“Commercial Surrogate Motherhood” p.18) should it be illegal too? Does it mean that everything in life will just be served in a silver plate or actually go through the struggle. Of Course there is adoption but thats not up to other people to make the decision, it's however the parents decide to inherit their child. But let's say surrogacy was illegal everywhere in United States. That would start a big problem and a lot of people would rebel against that. It would make it popular by demand. For example, marijuana is illegal in most parts of the United States but that doesn't stop people from selling it and being under the influence of the substance. Exactly like surrogacy, trying to make it illegal won't stop anything. Why mess with something that is not even a major problem in this country ? Besides that surrogacy gives a chance for people all around the world to be parent. Even though it is argued that women should not be used and should be respect. But it's actually a win-win situation. The couple get the baby and the mother get paid thousands of dollars. It might sound bad but it's actually a pretty sweet

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