Pros And Cons Of Multiethnic And Transracial Adoption

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Multiethnic and Transracial Adoptions have remained a controversial issue for some time now. Multiethnic and Transracial Adoption refer to the act of placing a child of one racial or ethnic group with adoptive parents of another racial or ethnic group. There are many opinions and viewpoints regarding what is best for the child in regards to adoptive parent placement. Those who support same race adoptive homes in the best interest of the child argue that if a child is placed in a transracial home, they will have been cut off from the healthy development in their ethnic and racial backgrounds. Some believe that if children are placed in transracial homes they will face issues such as; identity confusion, family integration, self-esteem, diminishment of their ethnic background, loss of culture, and lacking the defense mechanisms necessary to function in a society that may be racist against them. Those who are supportive of…show more content…
Offer counseling resources for those who have feelings of loneliness and helplessness, or are dealing with grief. Social workers could also insure a feeling of purpose in their clients in ways such as setting up resources so the clients can enjoy activities they like to do, and have plenty of interaction with people. Lately Social Workers could provide recourses to help those who are the primary caregivers of their ill spouses, making sure they have the support and help they need. 6) Should physician-assisted suicide be legal for patients who have less than six months to live? What about patients who have debilitating chronic pain or other conditions that may not be terminal but have destroyed their quality of life? Why is physician-assisted suicide a controversial issue? What are the underlying values on each side of the

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