Persuasive Essay Against Abortion

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Many people consider abortion as killing a human being while it is inside the mother’s womb. Therefore, a lot of people are against it. However, there are many people who support abortion because they feel like it is a right that a mother has if she is not ready to take responsibility. Although abortion may seem like a great option for some people, they do not know the consequences. Abortion comes with possible side effects such as; health complications, expenses and a stressful life. Abortion should not be allowed because not only is it bad to take away the life of an unborn child, but also it can be harmful for the mother’s health. Abortion is taking a human being’s life, which is also considered murder. All types of murder is illegal, so people believe this should be as well. Many people also believe it is a sin and are completely against it for that…show more content…
It can cause her to have severe depression, trauma and stress. Some women regret their decision of having abortion and that guilt can stay there for a very long time. They may also need psychological help. Abortion can also cause women to have physical problems. After abortion, women can have pelvic or uterus cramping. Also, after surgical removal, some parts of the baby can remain in the mother’s womb. It can also cause; nausea or vomiting, fever, infection, complications from anesthesia such as respiratory problems, inability to get pregnant again because of the infection, heavy bleeding, water intoxication, etc. Studies show that the fetus does feel pain during the surgical procedure so the mother is not only hurting herself but the unborn baby as well. Another problem that comes with abortion is the mental side effects. It can cause the female to have eating disorders, insomnia, lower self-esteem, anxiety, suicidal thoughts etc. According to studies, about 20% of females who go through the process of abortion have shown these side

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