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Education has never stopped becoming a matter of concern to the community. That’s why the issue of whether or not high school seniors should be engaged in taking a gap year has sparked a heated debate. Some peoples argue that having some fortifying experience is conducive to a teenager’s learning and self – development. Others, however, prefer the traditional way, committing to attend college after graduation as the wise choice. To initiate, the concept of “gap year” is known as a time out to travel between life stages. It is a year or a semester students take off before enrolling in college. It doesn’t have time dawdling at home, instead of that “gappers” typically work to save money, volunteer, intern, or study a language abroad. Furthermore,…show more content…
However, for the most part, gap years fall into three main categories, which are travelling, volunteering, interning and working gap years. Depending and be prevailing adopted by five types of teenagers, who have been identified according to Jason Sarouhan, a long-time champion of “gap years” as well as who now is a Vice President at Center for Interim Programs, and his colleagues. The first type is the worker (or the high achiever), as they pointed out, are those who have worked extremely hard throughout high school, but utterly exhausted. Second, the meaning seeker, are undoubtedly knowledgeable and capable of conquering high school and delivering quality work, but have lower GPA. Third, who are oriented toward a clear goal and wish for a better understanding about the self and be able to comprehend what they are capable of, are remarked as the pragmatist. Fourth, the struggler, whose high-school experience has been clouded by learning differences. Finally, the immature float, those may lack of having fully developed in mind, desiring a perfect opportunity to clarify their life

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