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“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” Harper Lee’s, To kill a Mockingbird explores the moral nature of humans; the good and evil found within one’s life. It is a wonderful story taken place during the Great depression, of a young girl growing up in Alabama, where the people were poor and racial tensions were high. The author manages to capture a snapshot of life in her writing where at heart is knowledge, hope and courage, which surely managed to shape my view of life. Mockingbirds “Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit ’em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird”. The mockingbird apart from being the title of the book,…show more content…
My perspective of life was influenced by innocence and all the positive things which it brought up with it. I lost my innocence when I started to realise that life isn’t just a perfect picture, people lie and circumstances change, sometimes even for the worse. Passing through different experiences I learnt what reality is like, I lost my childlike naivety, and this shaped my attitude towards life. Just as the novel, which has no beginning and no ending, I viewed life as an endless maze, filled with people pretending not the be lost. One thing which I surely realised in reading this book is that we need never be hopeless, as in reality we are never irreparably damaged. One can never regain back the loss of innocence, but instead, we need to learn to see the process of growing up as a way to obtain different qualities needed as adults. Just as Scout and Jem, when innocence is lost and we can no longer view the world around us through the eyes of an innocent child, we should then understand the world around us by confronting…show more content…
Lee addresses many feelings of blatant acts and throughout the novel racism is the most evident type of prejudice. People displayed acts of hate towards people of colour, and the latter were mostly treated unfairly. The author affirms this in the part where a black man is accused and put on trial for something evidently he did not commit, based solely on his race (Knowles, 2012). At some point or another in life, everyone has been a victim or an assailant of prejudice, where a preconceived opinion was formed about a person based on the groups which that person belongs to and surely not based on reason. I feel it is like looking at a blurred, unclear picture of people and the world around us. This was one of the symbols which I connected with, as although sometimes we see people differently from us, in reality everyone is different and the same in his or her own ways, and after all, who are we to judge? Although unfortunately these narrow minded views are mostly incorrect, they are prevalent in our society, where people continually see other people as being evil and instead of knowing them for who they really are they display acts of hate. Hope is what keeps one going, throughout the book situations show that each person eventually opens his eyes and sees the light, and here prejudice is

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